Installing your decal

Posted by Shayne Gould on

Decal Fitting Advice

If unsure when you come to install your decal It's best to watch some You Tube videos first to get a good idea but here are some tips to get you started:

Use a clean dry cloth with warm water to fully clean the surface you are applying the decal to. Please make sure the surface is FULLY dry and clean before applying the decal. Turn the decal over and rub back and forth a few times with a dry clean cloth to ensure the decal transfers to the application tape. Now SLOWLY peel the application tape off which will bring the decal with it. If any part of the decal doesn’t transfer then stop and slowly rub the reverse of the decal and continue to remove the application tape at the same time.

Now apply the decal to the area you cleaned and ensure it’s straight before applying it fully. Now rub all over with the clean cloth to make sure it is stuck well to the clean surface. Warm up the application tape slightly with a hair dryer and then slowly remove the application tape leaving the decal behind. If you have ordered a decal with small delicate parts then please take your time and you may need to stop several times to assist with transferring the decal to the surface. Once the decal is fully applied you can smooth and dab the decal with a clean cloth to secure it further.

Any questions please ask.

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